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Stolen from everyone

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Ragamuffin

18% Elegant, 34% Technological, 33% Historical, 24% Adventurous and 63% Playful!

You are the Ragamuffin, the embodiment of steampunk playfulness.  Chances are, you approach the genre from a much more casual and lighthearted standpoint than most other fans.  To you, there is always an element of play inherent in the genre, and you may very well enjoy fashion as much for the opportunity to dress up as for the style itself.  You probably wear goggles as an accessory, and rarely as actual eye-protection.  Your outfits are likely to incorporate a lot of brown or cream, and combine large boots, Victorian corsets or vests, aviator caps or bowler hats, and gypsy skirts or slacks, simply because you like them all.


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Looks about right. I think I might have gotten a similar result several years ago.

I promise to re-enter the land of the posting/commenting soon. Impending job change and move, out of the country vacation, end of the school year insanity, jobs for family, etc. are all forming a perfect storm of insanity around me currently.


http://lubricus.livejournal.com/23302.html  lubricus is raising money for their con and is selling an all slash (of the male AND female varieties!) colouring book!

22 fandom artists including tripperfunster and pennswoods.  Oh yea, and myself.

Go forth fandom and support one another with dollars and squee!

Low res versions of my submissions. No nudity (need more practice!)Collapse )

Usually I don't notice just owning one TV

I may or may not have just posted a sign next to the TV threatening bodily harm to anyone who tries to interfere with my Sunday 9 PM PBS viewing time.

There was a momentary whine of "But... Mythbuste" **GLARE OF DOOM FROM ME** "ers... can.... wait?"  "Good answer. :) "

I will have to have a Great Game re-watch Sunday afternoon. :)

Comfort zones

I'm definitely glad that I've actually been signing up for fests since I've tentatively been getting back into fandom.  Otherwise the radio silence from me would be way too long.  It would build up into the stupid anxiety of "oh, I haven't posted in forever. I should post, but I don't have anything important to say, and it would just be silly after being quiet for so long."  **glares at brain** Truly, I do not understand my emotional logic (aka: the complete lack thereof), but apparently fests remind me to actually update this journal from time to time.

The irony of course being that I'm so totally engrossed with the extra entries pennswoods and tripperfunster have been posting.  Sorry I'm a crap commenter.  I really don't feel that good with words despite the hour long babbling sprees I can go on IRL.  As soon as the topic turns to things that are serious or really important I get tongue (keyboard?) tied.

Which reminds me, I have tabs of fic open I need to actually write comments for. O_o''   Really, does anyone else go through spats of having trouble putting comments together?  I feel that after all the work people put into their fic and art the least I could do is leave a really nice detailed review.  I get the nagging feeling this is my anxiety/perfectionism rearing its head.  After all, an "I liked it" would be so much better than me not leaving anything at all.  :P  **hugs the "kudos" button on AO3**

ANYWAY.  Looks like I'm prone to tangents today.

Just submitted my entry for the hprarefest.  Gah, it's going to feel like forever before it posts and reveals!

I realized that I tend to stick to making fanart for cartoons or books that I read before seeing film adaptations.  For example, I've got some Harry Potter and My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic projects on the back burner.  I've got the ideas written down, and a few doodles ready to go, but just haven't sat down to do them yet.  On the other hand, I <i>want</i> to do some Sherlock fanart, but I can't bring myself around to the idea of actually doing it.  I feel compelled to make it photorealistic, since my mental image is of the film images.  Thing is, I'm infinitely more comfortable with the looseness of cartooning.  I've done still lifes, I'm *capable* of drawing realistically, and even done some portrait style drawings for friends.  But when I read a book, my mental images actually are cartoon-like.  Maybe that's why I don't get too thrown when actors are cast and they don't match exactly what I was picturing, after all no one usually does.  Weirdly, I like the challenge of doing something like MLP:FIM, because I think I could mimic the style very easily, while still tapping into my own quirks.  

That said, watching cartoons/reading comics is a dangerous path for me some days.  You can see a direct correlation between what I'm reading/watching and how I draw characters.  There are distinctly Disney, Sailor Moon, and classic Marvel sections in my sketch books.  A good bit of me actively trying to absorb some of David Mack and Joshua Middleton's styles too.  I quit watching Dragon Ball Z in high school mostly because I did not like the art style and it was still cropping up in my doodles.

Tangent again.  Finding the link to Joshua Middleton's work I just found out he's going to be working on The Legend of Korra (sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender).  SO DAMN EXCITED.  And that also means I need to quit writing this post soon so I can actually go watch the new episode.  If you have passed the Avatar cartoons over because you have thought of it as kids' fair, allow me to assure you it's about as exclusively kids stuff as Harry Potter is.  While less violent and having a lot less "on screen" character deaths, it discusses religion and spirituality much more openly.

Okay!  Time for me to go face the day.  I have graphic work I need to do for my in-laws and my uncle, books that we inherited that I need to go through, and of course, house work. :P
Boosting the signal!  I'll post lo-res versions of my stuff in a couple of weeks as an extra preview.  ;)

Originally posted by emmagrant01 at Announcing the Lubricus Colouring/Book

Why should kids have all the fun? The Lubricus Colouring/Book, a very grown-up coloring book featuring more than 30 pieces of slashy HP art from 22 fandom artists, will soon be available! There are a variety of ratings and 17 different pairings featured, including several femmeslash pairings and quite a few rarepairs.

All of the art is original line art created exclusively for this book, ready to be printed and colored by you. You’re going to need your entire set of skin-toned crayons for this one. ;-)

The Colouring/Book was produced as a fundraiser for lubricus and is available for a donation of at least $20 to the con fund. The book is formatted as a pdf file* so that you can print it out however you wish, color as often as you like, or even just admire the art on your screen! It will be emailed to contributors starting May 1.

To place an order:

1. PayPal $20 (US funds) to lubricus@bf4f.org. Please send money as a "gift" to help cut down on Paypal fees. In the comments for your order, please give us the email address you would like the book sent to.
2. Leave a comment here to let us know you're ordering, which will help us contact you if we have any questions.

Contributing artists, pairings, and thumbnails under the cutCollapse )

* PLEASE note that the Colouring/Book is for Lubricus fundraising only. It will hurt the convention and the people attending if everyone copies this awesome slashy book without donating anything. Colouring, distributing, copying, or otherwise consuming the Colouring/Book without donating will make Bottom!Draco cry huge emo tears. If your friends want their own copy, please direct them to this post. :-)

Busy busy. And babbling about who else?

Hotlinked.  Deal with it.  Thought some of you all could relate.

Too good not to share.  Totally hotlinked and not made by me.

Been crazy busy IRL, but fortunately in a good way.  Oh, and I finally finished my submissions for the lubricus Colouring Book!  I'll link it up as soon as its up.  :D

Currently working on artwork for my step-mother-in-law, hopefully will get up to some more fannish stuff soon.  My brain is in one of those happy states where it's churning out plenty of ideas, I just have to make the time do them without neglecting sleeping too much.

Also, anyone have tips on ways to view Season 2?  I seem to be failing miserably on that front.  :P

Dear Fandom..

Dear Fandom,

You are cracky, weird, twisted, full of magic, creativity, tolerance, banter, and an amazing exchange of ideas.  You make SO MUCH more sense than the stupid petty messed up world.  Can we be bffs forever?

**hugs for forever**

Angstily forever yours,

p.s.  I am truly over all fine.  Everyone *important* in my life is wonderful, everyone with *power* on the other hand.... **mutters grumbles and considers consulting with Moriarty**

Strange question...

How much of what you do in fandom does your S.O. know about?  What is their opinion?  What is your opinion of their opinion? (<<This question approved by the Department of Redundancy Department.)  What about other friends/family in your life?

Submission Crunch Time

iTunes set to play Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Rent, Weezer, Bikini Kill, and whatever is in that feeling kinda queer playlist I tossed together forever ago. Check.

Sugary beverage. Check.

Trial version of Adobe products downloaded. Check.

Door already shut b/c OtherBoot's TV programs kept getting drowned out by my singing/callouts. Check.

Off we go!!!!

Victory is mine!


Figured out what was bugging me about my "finished" piece I posted about working on the other night.  Add another 50% of time worked on it later, I'm actually really liking it now rather than the "eh, it's not terrible" feeling I had about it earlier this week.

Note to self: Add tracing paper to shopping list.  Interesting to note, I use it far more for fixing small parts of my own work than tracing other peoples'.

Felt the need to share that small victory. ^.^

Oh dear DaVinci please let my scanner cooperate...