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Comfort zones

I'm definitely glad that I've actually been signing up for fests since I've tentatively been getting back into fandom.  Otherwise the radio silence from me would be way too long.  It would build up into the stupid anxiety of "oh, I haven't posted in forever. I should post, but I don't have anything important to say, and it would just be silly after being quiet for so long."  **glares at brain** Truly, I do not understand my emotional logic (aka: the complete lack thereof), but apparently fests remind me to actually update this journal from time to time.

The irony of course being that I'm so totally engrossed with the extra entries pennswoods and tripperfunster have been posting.  Sorry I'm a crap commenter.  I really don't feel that good with words despite the hour long babbling sprees I can go on IRL.  As soon as the topic turns to things that are serious or really important I get tongue (keyboard?) tied.

Which reminds me, I have tabs of fic open I need to actually write comments for. O_o''   Really, does anyone else go through spats of having trouble putting comments together?  I feel that after all the work people put into their fic and art the least I could do is leave a really nice detailed review.  I get the nagging feeling this is my anxiety/perfectionism rearing its head.  After all, an "I liked it" would be so much better than me not leaving anything at all.  :P  **hugs the "kudos" button on AO3**

ANYWAY.  Looks like I'm prone to tangents today.

Just submitted my entry for the hprarefest.  Gah, it's going to feel like forever before it posts and reveals!

I realized that I tend to stick to making fanart for cartoons or books that I read before seeing film adaptations.  For example, I've got some Harry Potter and My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic projects on the back burner.  I've got the ideas written down, and a few doodles ready to go, but just haven't sat down to do them yet.  On the other hand, I <i>want</i> to do some Sherlock fanart, but I can't bring myself around to the idea of actually doing it.  I feel compelled to make it photorealistic, since my mental image is of the film images.  Thing is, I'm infinitely more comfortable with the looseness of cartooning.  I've done still lifes, I'm *capable* of drawing realistically, and even done some portrait style drawings for friends.  But when I read a book, my mental images actually are cartoon-like.  Maybe that's why I don't get too thrown when actors are cast and they don't match exactly what I was picturing, after all no one usually does.  Weirdly, I like the challenge of doing something like MLP:FIM, because I think I could mimic the style very easily, while still tapping into my own quirks.  

That said, watching cartoons/reading comics is a dangerous path for me some days.  You can see a direct correlation between what I'm reading/watching and how I draw characters.  There are distinctly Disney, Sailor Moon, and classic Marvel sections in my sketch books.  A good bit of me actively trying to absorb some of David Mack and Joshua Middleton's styles too.  I quit watching Dragon Ball Z in high school mostly because I did not like the art style and it was still cropping up in my doodles.

Tangent again.  Finding the link to Joshua Middleton's work I just found out he's going to be working on The Legend of Korra (sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender).  SO DAMN EXCITED.  And that also means I need to quit writing this post soon so I can actually go watch the new episode.  If you have passed the Avatar cartoons over because you have thought of it as kids' fair, allow me to assure you it's about as exclusively kids stuff as Harry Potter is.  While less violent and having a lot less "on screen" character deaths, it discusses religion and spirituality much more openly.

Okay!  Time for me to go face the day.  I have graphic work I need to do for my in-laws and my uncle, books that we inherited that I need to go through, and of course, house work. :P


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Apr. 29th, 2012 03:08 pm (UTC)
You express so many things in this post that I feel as well.

I have a really hard time commenting on fic, and I find I really have to push myself. And the more eloquently written the fic (some people around here are just unbelievable wordsmiths) the harder it is for me to express myself. Challenging myself to comment on every chapter of every fic in the sshg_exchange really pushed me to comment more on fic. I still don't comment enough (and tend to comment a lot on fic where the author engages back or is someone I know personally) but before last fall, I was the worst commenter.

And I really struggled with Sherlock art (and am still struggling though the amazing fics I've been reading are pushing me to illustrate). I wish at times I could do more realistic art, but my style is cartoony. Up until now, I've only ever drawn fanart when the source material was primarily textual and so there was no right or wrong way to draw a character. But Sherlock is really challenging me in this.

I can't wait to see more of what you come up with in Sherlock and MLP and HP. It's so interesting that you're so open and influenced by what you are viewing.
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